Saturday, February 1, 2014

Saturday Fun Day DIY Beauty

I went grocery shopping today and decided I wanted to get a new nail polish as well.  One nail polish...turned into this.  I wouldn't necessarily call it a haul, but I love NEW STUFF!!!!

The Pink Grapefruit shower gel from The Body Shop is my favorite.  It makes me feel so fresh, especially after a workout.  I also have the oil and the body spray, but I needed to re-up on the shower gel.  It lasts quite some time.

The Pink Chiffon mist from bath and body works was a total impulse buy, just like the limited edition Feathered Musk from Victoria's Secret.  That musk smells like Sex..okay not literally because that would be stinky, but it is absolutely heavenly. While I was at it, I went ahead and got the Smooth Kiss from Victoria's Secret as well.  And the name says it all ladies.  I came home, gave myself a facial, a clay mask, took a shower, and pink chiffoned my body.

This mask Seaweed clay mask from Body shop is also fabulous.  I am almost out but I will use it to the very last drop.  Say goodbye to your big ass pores!  I put this on while I soaked my feet before my pedicure!

The nail polish...the reason I went to begin with, is called Lolli Pop by Orly. It is so deliciously pink.   But you know I can't just paint my nails and call it a day.  I gotta switch it up a little bit.  I am really liking the few Orly Nail Polishes I've purchased in the last few weeks.  I know people are die hard Essie or OPI fans, but so far I can dig this Orly.  We shall see the staying power of this manicure 'Tis all for this lovely Saturday afternoon.

What is your Favorite Nail Polish Brand?

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