Sunday, August 9, 2015

My First Week (teaching) in Pictures

First day of School 

Well school is originally back in session and its ROUGH being back. Students are back, classroom is in order, but I want more vacation!

Spent the first morning taking selfies because that's just what you do on the first day of school. I love this app called Retrica that let's you see the pictures with the filter before you take it.

My classroom is all set up with cute stuff that the kids pay no attention too lol. But the classroom is about their comfort and THE TEACHER's. We are the ones who have to stay in there all day.

I LOVE this teacher planner from Erin Condren. It's gorgeous and has everything I will need all year. Not to mention, this cover full of my own precious pictures makes me happy every time I look at it. Isn't it just precious?

I spent the second day taking selfies as well. I'm still trying to work the "no-smile" look. The second day proved interesting. I got to really see who some of these kids are. It's definitely going to be a rough year.

And yes, I have caved in and bought some Crocks. Boy have I been missing out. My arc hasn't felt this wonderful and supported in years. I promised I'm about to rock these bad boys everyday. I might go to school cute as hell, but these guys aren't going to be far away. Thank you Crock Gods.

And then I thought I was going to be able to just chill all weekend, but the hubs had a crappy experience at the air port and ended up having to have a switched flight. I had to make an impromptu drive to Jacksonville which is 2 hours away. Color me pissed. But the boys looked pleased.

2 days down.  Only 178 left :/

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Books, Books, Books

I've dropped the ball once again. I've been so busy over the summer that I haven't had time to even consider writing anything. I have a few things lined up though. I went to the TFA educators conference 2 weeks ago and I came back with such a renewed sense of urgency for my career. I was starting to feel like I was in an educational pit of despair, but the conference, along with the people there, fed my spirit in a way that I hadn't even known I needed. But more on that later.

What I have been able to keep up with all summer is my reading!

And setting up my bookcases in a way that makes me SUPER happy! This is what I do. I'm on track with my good reads challenge.


Now on books 26 and 27 (because I can't just read one at a time apparently). But this pretty good progress!

This is my current obsession!

What are you reading right now?