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Hi, I'm Shaina.  I'm a new wife and a reformed foodie in my not so early 20's and I have recently changed my life for the better.  I guess you could call this blog my gift to myself.

As a child growing up in New York, my go-to food was pizza... plain cheese pizza ,whenever I could get it.  You would think that was where the problem started, but it wasn't.  Once I moved to North Carolina at age 12, I started to gain more and more weight every year.

In college, the freshman 15 turned into the freshman 40, and once I started teaching in Arizona I found myself stressed, extremely over weight at 284 lbs, and completely miserable. I'd gone to my doctor to see if there was anything I could do about my severe mood swings and he suggested depression medication.  Depression?  I wasn't depressed and I told him as such.  In the nicest voice he could muster, he told me to try losing weight.  *Slap*.

Long story short...I did.

I lost over 60lbs before I moved to South Korea in 2010.

And I continue to try to get to my goal body.  Not my goal weight, because the scale is an evil demon, but my most healthy and happy body.

In the last 4 years I have lived in 3 countries, traveled to 5 others, and learned more about myself than I could possibly write here.

It's been slow going.  I've fallen off more times than I would care to recount. But I am finally getting to a place where I am appreciating the journey; the learning, trial and error, and the small successes along the way.  There really is no miracle.  There really is no short cut.

This blog is about everything I love.  Books, make up, clothes, food, health, fitness and travel.  I wish I could say it was just about fitness, or just about make up reviews, but that wouldn't be me.

So enjoy my random life.  My passion.  My goals.  My failures (ok, maybe don't enjoy those hehe).  Enjoy it all.

This is me.

College: Berea College- Psychology
Graduate: Arizona State University- M.ed
Profession: Math Teacher, Traveller, Obsessive reader
Places I've been- Ghana, Cairo, Sharm El Sheik, Germany, South Korea, Belgium, Spain, Rome, Venice, Pisa.

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Married 2 years

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  1. Aww, so inspiring reading about your weight-loss story, well done! And hope you get to your goal body (your totally right, the scale is a demon lol)
    Rumbielove.blogspot.com xx


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