Planner Obsession

I've had an obsession with all things paper related for as long as I remember. Everyone in my life knows that the way to my heart is through pen, notebooks, and stationary.

There are stacks like this all over my diva suite.  Some are used and some are empty.  I've gotten a few from Italy, some I brought with me from Korea, and I have one one the way from my sister in China.  There is even a handmade leather one from Thailand hidden in there.

I don't discriminate. I have world map journals from Barnes and Noble, The Ciak was picked up while I was lost in Rome, and that Miquel Rius is a big ole baby just waiting to be filled.  No idea what to do with that big guy!

Long story short, I live for this stuff, and the love of my life right now is my Wanderlust, by ChicSparrow on Etsy.  I am in a midori frame of mind, but Hobonichi is definitely catching my attention. This is where I will keep all my blog posts about my obsession/hobby for all those who are interested!

Check back for updates!

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