Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lunch at Mongo's in Valdosta

I went to a local restaurant called Mongos for lunch while waiting for open house to begin and I was really looking forward to it. I'd been seeing it on the way to work for weeks now, and after I'd heard it was similar to Ghenghis Grill, I was sold.
Mongolian BBQ places set out their ingredients and allow you to make your own stir fry bowl.  I loved the idea becasue I could rack up on my meat and veggies to make up for the fact that I don't want the ride or noodles. But this place was a huge let down.

The meat bowl was tiny and so was the veggie bowl. But I thought, quality over quantity, so I chose only my favorite things. I filled my bowl with onions, peppers, mushrooms, string beans, broccoli, and water chestnuts. 

For the meat, I chose shrimp and steak.  That was a mistake. I don't love red meat, but I like that I stay full when I eat it without carbs. The fact that I already don't like it, makes me very sensitive to whether it is perfectly fresh or ...not.  And this meat was not. It had that bad beef aftertaste that I'd come to identify as the stale been tang.  

I wasn't happy.  The shrimp were ok, but even those were crappy.  I was so glad I put eggs in my set up because I left all the meat alone. The veggies were ok, but then again, how can you mess those up.  For my sauce, I chose the general tso so I thought it would be nice and sweet. Alas. The entire meal was nothing to write home about, and nothing like Genghis Grill.
So there is it.  I can sure you I won't be eating there again.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Work Flow, Fitness, and Steak Salad

It was casual day at work. My favorite. And I love fitting my jeans so well.  But now that I'm done with that good sugar detox, I am trying to figure out a fitness routine.  No, I wasn't working out while I was doing sugar detox for several reasons- I wanted to get into the swing of school and teaching again, I'd gotten my hair straightened, and I didn't want to workout and detox simultaneously. But now I'm ready to jump back on that horse. 

Instead of listening to others, magazines, and blogs, I'm going to listen to my body.  For example, I know for a fact that my body does well with lots and lots of cardio and videos that use body weight as resistance.  Eventually I will go back to weights, but right now I'm going to focus on cardio and fitness videos. I also know that I need to run to get these legs in check.  I abhor running. Big time.  But not only do I need to tone my legs, but I also need to get my cardio breathing back up.  I was dancing with some students in the hallway and I was so out of breath. Huh? That's what happens when you take time off.  

And speaking of time off, my hair and I are going to be taking a break. While I have enjoyed our relationship, I think its time to make other arrangements. I have found a new boo and his name is weave. We are going to try this weave thing one more time and hope that it works for the best.  As you can see from my date night pics, my hair was disrespected by the humidity and the abusive relationship needs to be stopped. 
In other news, no more detox means I can have huge salads with all the dressing I want (well not ALL but more than I could before).  Everything has sugar in it. OMG. Almost anything you could think of, dressing, seasonings, sauces- hell maybe even water! So I didn't mess with dressing and boy did I miss it.  Here is the salad I had for lunch the day I finished my detox.  

Steak Salad

  • 4 oz cooked ribeye (or whatever cut you like)
  • 1 roma tomato
  • red onions
  • spring mix salad (I also added romaine)
  • 1/2 avocado
  • red bell pepper
  • Feta cheese
  • 1 Large and 2 small kitchen bags
  • oil based Caesar dressing

I like to add everything at the last minute so I warp everything separately until its time to put it all together.

  1. Cut your cooked steak up into the appropriate salad eating size.  I prefer smaller pieces so I can get the most bang in the salad. Once cut, stick in a little sandwich bag with some of the oil based Caesar. 
  2. Portion out your feta into the other small baggy.  I marinate my feta in olive oil and fresh basil.  My Greek friend taught me this method and I've never looked back.  
  3. Cut have your avocado, sprinkle with salt and add a little lemon juice.  It will brown a bit but that's ok.  Wrap in aluminum foil.
  4. In the large bag, add your salad, tomato, bell pepper, and onions.  Then throw in your wrapped avocado, steak baggy, feta baggy, and a little container of dressing.  
  5. When its lunch time, take everything out of the bag except the spring mix and pour in dressing.  Mix all around.  Pour in the steak.  Shake.
  6. Then pour into your bowl and add the feta and avocado on top. Lunch is served!
Do you think a detox can be beneficial? Which ones have you tried? 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

My New Baby "Wanderlust"

I knew it wouldn't be long before my resolved failed and I bought a new midori from ChicSparrow on Etsy. Jennifer Harvey does a great job making these handmade beauties and I knew I had to have one in my favorite kind of blue.  Little did I know I would end up creating this 3 color trio of delight.  The video below has all the details for your listening pleasure!  And below is Wanderlust's first trip around my classroom.  Enjoy!  

And now, The adventures of Wanderlust. 

Wanderlust writing the agenda on the board

Wanderlust getting the notes for the day

Wanderlust welcoming kids to class

Wanderlust making sub plans in case she gets sick

Wanderlust calling parents

Wanderlust making vacation plans

Wanderlust setting up the surprise treat for her most well behaved class

Sunday, August 17, 2014

My Adorable Ipad Case

I'm going to admit it.  I have a serious Ebay problem.  Ever since I downloaded the ebay app, my life has been consumed with bidding wars and buy it now options.  I wont front, I have the same problem with Etsy and amazon.  I should probably go to some kind of rehab.  And as I sit here watching "Unsealed", a conspiracy show all about aliens, mind control, and secret societies, I think that I'll just blame all my problems on that I've been set up with all these shopping apps.

I wasn't even in the market for a new ipad case, until I saw one and thought "you, know what, I'm tired of this big ole thing with a keyboard.  Time to find a new outfit for my baby". And the title is so true!! THIS IS ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!! I spotted it among the masses of cases and it just screamed SHAINA BUY ME!!! It's so me.  The chevron and the teal are beautiful!  And peep that chain! I just walk around with the Ipad on my arm!

It's So Fluffy I'm Gonna Die!!! (This Despicable Me quote is actually my notifications ring tone!)

The blue plastic is still on the tip because I took the pictures as soon as it arrived.  I was so excited! It really is the little things in life!

It holds cards in the very front, and you could probably even fit a small notebook in the front pocket (that you can't see behind the ipad right now, oops).It is held up by the notch in the very front, and you can swivel the case so you can utilize both views, something my other case couldn't do.
Here is a view of the back.  You can see where the chain is connected.

All in all, I really like it.  I paid $10.99 from casepress on ebay.  Not bad considering what you could pay for a similar case.  The quality looks promising so far, but I will update after a month of wear and tear in my purse.

Are you addicted to any shopping apps?  Tell me so I can join too!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Back to School

First Day

Back to school mayhem! Sound the Alarms! Ring the bell! Call somebody and tell them "Here we go again".  But to be honest, it hasn't been that bad.  I would be lying if I said that I didn't rethink my decision to start teaching again as soon as I stepped foot into the endless number of meetings at the beginning of the year.  And by rethink I mean saying "what the hell were you thinking?" And shaking my head at myself. Anyone who has taught before knows that it can Trying-yea lets go with that word.  And I wasn't sure I was ready.  But I have jumped into it with even more spunk and tenacity than I did 7 years ago. (Wow, I'm old). 

I went into this thing saying that I was going to be 10 times better than I was the first go round, and I truly have lived up to my own expectations.  And yes, I'm surprised. I enjoy being in the classroom and I enjoy teaching the material. I love seeing that realization flash across their faces when they get it.  I can't say what it will be like after a few months, but I can say so far so good.  The principal even told me that she got an email from a parent over the weekend and she was raving about how much her daughter was enjoying my math class!! Whaaaaaa *feels like the woMAN* 

And I DO enjoy having a reason to get cute.  I haven't worn these cute little leopard shoes in like 7 months!  The picture right above was casual day so I got a chance to wear the new stone wash jeans I bought a while ago.  

Not to mention the fact that I've lost about 12 pounds in the past two weeks from all the moving.  Not bad, ma'am, not bad.  

And to put the cherry on top, we went to see TMNT on Saturday and I LOOOOVE IT!!! I made some new friends of course.  We yelled out COWABUNGA when the lights went down.  We thought it was funny, no one else did.  *Kanye shrug* I regret nothing.

And as you can see from the pics, I got my hair straightened for the first time in a year and a half.  I cut about an inch off to make room for health and all that good growth.  This Georgia humity is worthless though.  The guy did a good job, but it was nothing compared to the Dominican Blowout I got when I went home to NYC.  It's too "Fly in the wind".  I don't know how else to say that.  And he charged me 80 dollars because it was so thick. I didn't expect to have to give him my kidney for straight hair. No sir.  I wont be doing that again.  And if I do, it will be every 2 or 3 months.  Ain't nobody got time for THAT.  

Once the school year starts moving faster and I get my routine down (and more free time) I will start posting my recipes again.  Give me 2 weeks!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Our Fabulous Farewell

I know this is super late, but I just had to post these pictures from our last days in the UK.  I had so much fun with my theater family and friends and I was sad to go.  You know that feeling when you are happy and sad at the same time? Sorta Bipolar?  Well let's just say that I was a bundle of emotion.  

Arent they the cutest?

Pinky promise to se eachother again.  I love my Emma Boo!

It was a great time.  Hanging out with everyone and making with the teary eyes.  I cried too much!! But All is well now.  It's not goodbye after all!