Natural Hair FAQ

First Big chop- March 1, 2011
Second Mini Chop - May 2012

I've been getting my hair trimmed(or trimming it myself) every 6 months.  

The first time I tried to flat iron my hair myself, I got heat damage on that single patch, so I've been growing my hair out in the front and back while continuously cutting off the damage bit by bit.  I prefer perfect style and health over length.  I'm sure my hair would be longer by now, but quality over quantity. 

Big Chop (The date is all the way wrong on this)

First twist out attempt 2011

First blow out and flat iron. 4/2012

Added some color for my birthday 9/2012

Playing after a I bow dried with tension


Don't be afraid of Protective styles (love my lace fronts)

January 2014 Diffused right after wash

My Routine
  • I usually wash my hair every two weeks but since I have dandruff I have to do it little more frequently sometimes.  I use Head and Shoulders about once a month, then I co-wash with conditioner of choice, then I deep condition with a shower cap, wash it out, use a leave in conditioner and sit with a towel on my head for an hour, then seal with my homemade shea butter mixture or my curly curl cream.
  • I don't usually use a comb or brush.  I finger de-tangle while putting the deep conditioner in.   
  • I love the diffuser for body. If my hair is still a little wet in the am after the braids come out, perfect time for a diffuse. 
  • If I want length, I use the tension method to blow dry. (youtube it)
  • I usually do braid outs.  I am a creature of habit.
  • I moisturize every other with my water/oil mixture and braid it every night.  About 8 braids, 4 on each side. 
  • And I take Biotin for my hair skin and nails.
Water oil bottle, Tresemme naturals conditioner, mixed chicks leave in,
curly curl cream, Diffuser. argon oil for shine


  1. Get a routine ASAP.  Products are important, but not as important as getting your hair used to a routine.  
  2. Start wearing your natural hair ASA you feel comfortable.  It can be hard to make the switch, especially if you are waiting for length like I was, but the sooner you start the more comfortable you will feel, and the quicker you will learn how to do your natural me, it takes a while.
  3. Utilize youtube as much as possible.  Familiarize yourself with the natural hair gurus and pick out your favorites. There are SOOO many.
  4. When it comes to buying products remember QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.  Your hair is your new baby and you HAVE to take care of it.  It is much more work than just having a perm but worth it.
  5. When you can...make your products at home (details below).
  6. Don't let bad hair days get you down... it happens.  Invest in a few lace fronts lol.
  7. Don't be concerned with what other people think about your hair.  Its yours.  
  8. JUST DO IT!!!! 
Shea butter palmade sealant mixture-- 
Shea butter
olive oil
essential fragrance oil 
sweet almond oil
Coconut oil
vitamin E
(Blend all with hand mixer)

Shea butter daily creamy oil mixture--
Coconut oil
jojoba oil
olive oil
And enough of the palmade mixture to make it creamy

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  1. Got my dispenser and couldn't get it to pump. The olive oil bottle came half way up then Stopped, never making it to the top. I contacted seller and they were apologetic and sent me a new one immediately. Very pleasant to deal with and answered my concerns within a few hours…


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