Monday, April 4, 2016

Gym Diary

Today, I made my way back to the gym. Let me tell you how that sh*t went. 
  • Walk in the gym. Greet my homegirl who works there. Yup, that's right, I know people. I be in here and stuff. Wig still on so I'm feeling light weight sexy... For about 7 seconds. I talk it up with my girl and walk back to the locker room
  • Cue a number of pics to demonstrate how much I've let myself go. I haven't just let myself go, I released me like Rose did Jack in Titanic. *Chucks Deuces*
  • That's right. Madame gross guts in the house. I immediately regret taking these pics. But I realized that I have to have evidence once I start stunting on these fools. 
  • Ok, now that the evidence is posted. It was time to get on with the damn things
  • Exit Locker room, make a B-line for the the stair step. Think to self "I'm about to dominate this stair stepper".
  • Get's on stair stepper. 1 minute in- I hate life. I am dying. I am Shaina's burning lungs. 
  • 3 minutes in- Counting down the seconds until my death. Wondering if the music I hear comes from my headphones or the Angels coming to take me away... And I'm ready to go.
  • Cue my self consciousness making me wonder if everyone notices how absolutely wide my ass has gotten. I see my old trainer and he reminds me that we have 6 sessions left. I am bipolar as hell about this new information. He tells me to get my life together. 
  • I start speaking positivity into my life and concentrating on my high vibrations. I did a pretty decent arm workout 
  • Then I talked myself into getting on the treadmill. Keeping the incline at 15 and going between 2-2.5 and trying not to die. But I failed. I was watching "Supernatural" on my phone to keep me distracted. I just kept thinking about getting back to that body.  You know the one. 
  • Yes, I kept thinking skinny thoughts and willing myself to make it through. And you know what, 
I burned 1000 calories today. I was really proud of myself because I wanted to quit so many times. I kept thinking "Baby Jesus, please save me from this machine", but I felt good, and I was happy to be back at it. 
Not a bad look for today. Let's hope tomorrow goes it did today.