Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Huge Origins Haul

So while we were in Jacksonville I went on a massive Origins spree.  I have tried to use other thing on my face but I always come back to this.  Can you believe I got all of this for $72??? Ahhhhhh!

Just look at that presentation.  I'm all about pretty hahaha.

I originally went for 2 things. I needed some moisturizer for in the morning under my makeup, and some heavy duty stuff for my  night time ritual.  I tend to use the most moisturizer at night but I figured I could cut down on how MUCH I use if I used some heavier product. My intention was to pick up some of that plantscription night cream but I saw this set for $51 with TWO FULL SIZED PRODUCTS and I had to have it. 

They didn't have the plantscription in a set, so I opted for the night-a-mins. I gave it a test shot in the store and I was amazed by the consistency. It was just thick enough, had a perfect scent, and it went on smooth without being to greasy. Perfect. The GinZing smells like love, and is light enough to go on under my makeup.  To be honest, I haven't given any thought to the other products hahahaha. I wonder what that night masks does? As soon as I figure it out I will let you know! The tiny GinZing is eye cream and I haven't really tried that one either. I should get on my job!
This Ginger set is Origin's best selling scent and I just love the lotion. Imgine my surprise when I found that I was getting  it for Free.99!! What what!!!

Then, because I spent 70 bucks (I was supposed to spend 75 but she let me go!) I also go a full size Plantscription! Let me tell you. I haven't been so pumped in a long time. I went in for two things that would have cost me $60 and change, and came out with a whole bunch of stuff! I'm all about free.

This last thing is a set I bought for my husbands boss.  They are doing some kind of secret santa thing at his job and since he is rubbish at gift giving, I went ahead and took this task off his hands. He needs to expel all that mental gift giving on MOI, not some random chick at work. Ok, not random, but she might as well be lol.

And now, I'm off to a bath and facial!

Ok, favorite face product. Read, Set, Go!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Step One in Fat Domination Complete

I joined Planet Fitness today. Yep I sure did. Why, because damnitt I need to be in a planet full of fitness. I've let this thing become a hot stanky mess. I've been trying to encourage myself to go to the FREE.99 gym on base, but I can't seem to bring myself to drive past the house to get there. #LazyAsHell.  Yes, I'm aware. But instead of using it as an excuse, I have decided to find an alternative. I found that Planet Fitness was having a special for new joiners and I jumped on it.  Not only is it on my way home from work, but it is absolutely adorable.  All yellow and purple.


Mama had to take back the control over her life. Really. 

Remeber this girl? The baller? With those almost skinny ass arms? And just look at the rack!

What about this girl. With the skinny ass legs and the 36 DD boobs. Oh how I miss those little ass boobs. I hate big boobs, and right now they seems to be the size of my head.

Exhibit A- Monstrous boobs and a super wide mid section. I actually asked TheHubs if I was pregnant because this stomach is out of control. Don't judge my before pictures! Trust me, I'm judging them enough. But here they are, untouched. No fliter. No sucking. Just real.

Notice how small I made them hahahahaha. 

It took every fiber of my being to post these pictures. I tried everything to talk myself out of it. "Wait until I get a bit skinnier" "Don't post them after this crazy weekend you just had" "Why do these need to be in cyber space" "Kill me". Yea, all kinds of stuff.  But fuck it.  Here they are. I don't think I've really checked myself out since I started putting it back on. Not really. So this kind of puts it in perspective.

Ahhhhhhh... I'm rethinking this right now!!! All my business in the streets! But'ts cool. My before picture is going to be so inspiring when I'm inmy AFTER situation again hahahaha. This time, when I get skinny like that again, I will NOT complain! Promise.  And next week when I'm on vacation, I'm going to hit the gym bright and early and see just how much I can lose before New Year.  

BIG GOAL: Lose 10 lbs by New Year's Eve 

Might be a little much, but shoot for the stars!

As a side note, let's talk about this movie I watched Yesterday called "Tusk". W. T. F. I mean really. W .... T.....F.....  This movie. This movie was.... Very rarely am I at a loss for sufficient words, but I can't seem to explain. Let's just say it was amazingly disturbing, funny, and there was even a guest appearance by an actors all the ladies love! I want you to see this movie.  You must. Please and thank you.

Have you ever had the displeasure of gaining all your weight back?

Dinner Detective in Jacksonville

View from our room!

On Saturday night, Thehubs and I drove to Jacksonville to take part in a dinner detective show. This goes along with our whole "We need to accept the fact that we live in tiny Valdosta and make the best of it" plan. I found this on Groupon for almost half off (Love the Groupon witchcraft) and decided it would be great to take part in. I DID think we would be able to be a part of the show more, but I guess there was something else we were supposed to do. I missed the boat on that.

We started the day at the brand new Starbucks that's on my route to work! (Not REALLY hahaha, but I can make it!) Of course I had to take the lame ass "I love overly priced Starbucks crap coffee so much that I had to take a picture" picture.  In truth, I don't love Starbucks at all. I enjoy a few of their blends and syrups, but other than that, I think they have sub par coffee.  Says the coffee snob lol! But there is something familiar to me about heading to the SB to grab a drink before heading out for a day of fun.

I had a vanilla something or other, with a petite scone. And boy was that shit petite. I could have saved my $1.85 + tax for something else. It was ok, but I went in looking for the vanilla almond scone I used to get in England. NO such luck.

The, of course, came a series of selfies. Only 2 of which will be shared today for both space and practicality purposes.  No one wants to look at 13 pictures of me...Except me.

I told you.... But I think I was giving face here! Yaaaaassss!
When we got to Jacksonville, we stopped at the mall and saw this treasure! Do you see all that fresh corn? Omg. We were in heaven.

TheHubs is a popcorn enthusiast and he was so happy I thought he was going to cry. Here he is holding my cheddar bacon and Parmesan ranch blend, and his own cheddar bacon and movie theater butter blend. Do you see that single tear falling from his eye?

We snapped this before we walked downstairs to see the show. The Omni Jacksonville was a nice hotel. We've had better though.  I did like the bed! Very confortable. But overall, the room was typical and unimpressive, and the food was the same.  Granted, they cooked in bulk for the dinner detective, but it was quite dull. The chicken was anyway. TheHubs said the fish was great. I did enjoy that cheesecake though.  

The show was pretty damn good.  I really enjoyed the characters and the fact that a completely obscure person actually figured out who the killer was. I was completely wrong. Maybe it was the wine hahaha.  We sat at a table full of very nice people and laughed quite a lot that night.

Totes left our free mugs in the hotel room

Then we capped off the night by hanging at the bar with the oh so awesome bar tenders. We talked about how all the old people tipped them like $1.00 after ordering 20 drinks. Death to them. We stayed there for about 2.5 hours getting free drinks and laughing our assess off.  He named this drink creation "Sha-na Sha-na", after me of course hahaha. I told him just make something good and let him have creative license. Best part of the hotel, hands down, the bartenders!
Sorry for the poor quality. Seems I was a bit tipsy

Have you ever gone to one of those dinner theaters? Would you?

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Decorating for Christmas

Sleeping Puppy Not Included
Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year. I love giving presents more than receiving them, and I LOOOOVE decorating. Since there are only 2 of us, I never feel the urge to go TOO far (I totes could go overboard though) because we don't need much.
Doggy Stocking not up yet. But they do exist heheheh
My intention was to buy my stockings from this store on Etsy that made them out of Burlap (super cute, but also super expensive), but I waited too long and it would have been over $100. $100 bucks for stockings? Thehubs isn't going for that lol. So I picked these up from Big Lots. Another big thing that got in the way of the budget was the fact that we lost all of our Christmas decorations in the move. And by "lost" I mean, "I have absolutely no idea what happened to them or if I even packed them". I definitely got rid of the lights because they were Uk spec outlets, but everything else should have made it. Needless to say, I was very upset. Which is why the decorating on a budget. We had to basically start over.

I bought the cute gift boxes from big lots, but I decided to use them stacked by the fire place. Next to the big 2 wic candle I bought from Walmart. I bought the vase from Hobby Lobby and it was on sale for $.90. Can you believe it? Fake fall flowers came from there as well.

Ok, I told you we lost our decorations right? Don't judge me for the Super Mario flowers as a tree topper. I got those flowers from my boo for Valentines Day this year and I love them. Don't pretend you don't know how much of a geek I am. Super Mario flowers instead of real ones? Oh yea. Anyway, the tree is just weird this year in general. I put leopard flowers on it, some big blue flowers. It's just a hodge podge of what I could find at Walmart, TJ maxx, and Big lots.

As a side note, I wrote this post 2 days ago and then I got sick. I was home sick yesterday. A hot mess. And I slept most of the day. At one point I woke up to this sight above :) No wonder I couldn't move my legs.

What's your favorite Christmas Decoration?
(For me, its the stockings!)

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Black Ice Ball 2014

Let's start off by mentioning that it is definitely NOT 2015.  I spent the morning making my 2015 Calendar on Snapfish and I'm pretty sure that's what I had on the brain. Major date fail.

Anyway. My school has dance for the 8th graders every year, and this was my first year participating. I spent so much time trying to figure out what to wear, but I just ended up wearing the blue dress that I wore to my wedding party.  In my new body with all the extra weight, I was concerned that it wasn't going to look good. Because of this fact, you'd think I would have tried it on earlier than a day before the dance. That's what you call fatcrastination. Hahahaha. I tickle myself. 

But lucky for me, it still fit (with a little less room to spare). I really enjoyed the dance, and hanging out with my corworkers. The Neal's were all the way turned up for absolutely no reason. Thehubs and I jumped around for the entirety of the night.  It was a great time
My self and my super fly coworker.
How pretty were my students all dressed in purple. They came as each other's dates. I loved seeing the kids all dressed up.

My other coworker is on the right, and lo and behold a student came in the same dress. This woman and I did NOT like each other. At all. We laugh about how we would both go home and ocmplain to our husbands that we were basically abotu to throw. Little did we know, we like ALL the same things. It's crazy. All our coworkers laugh about it. We call each other "life twin" lol.

How cute is my principal getting down with her daughter? 

But chunky or not, Get a look at those legs. I mean, not to toot my own horn or anything (toot toot) but I have always loved my legs. At any size. They are strong and reliable. They carry me through all life throws at me. And let's face it, they look good in a skirt. ;)

This picture was taken when I wasn't paying attention. I think it's so quintessentially me. Goofy to the very last drop. And I like to think my students got a chance to see that on f

All in all, it was a great night. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Here We Go Again

Yes honey. It's officially happened.  Past the point where I could ignore it. Beyond the disbelief and pretending I didn't notice my pants getting tighter and tighter around my stomach.

I am fat again.

My use of fat is subjective. For me, this 260 lbs that I am now carrying around is FAT. For someone else, it could be all good. But when I got down to 185 and now I'm chilling (but not so chill) at 260, that just wont work for me. 

And to be honest, I'm a little down about it. I remember being down right judgy when I would ask myself how people could lose weight (and feel so amazing in their new bodies) and then gain it back. I'd be like "How the hell can you do that? Not me. Never me". Well, the don't I feel like sitting in the corner with a dunce cap on. Yep.

And it can be so uncomfortable when you see someone who met you when you were thin, and absolutely obsessed with working out and eating right... 

And I know life happens, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. And I don't. This new big body is dumb and I don't accept it. Don't get me wrong, I still love me AND ALL THE BULLSHIT YOU HAVE TO SAY TO KEEP PEOPLE FROM THINKING YOU HAVE LOW SELF ESTEEM but filling out the wrong side of a size 16 pants is just not what's up. Not for me. So it's back to the grind. Trying to stay away from bad food altogether. 

I do better when I just abstain instead of trying to moderate. I get the concept, but it really doesn't work for me. People who are addicted to crack don't just get a little bump here and there. They usually quit cold turkey. I don't just put a little perm in my hair when I get emotional, so why should I eat? Hmmm I think my logic may be faulty there. Forgive me. It's 10:30 pm and I'm crying and stuffing cheetos into my mouth by the handful (kidding, I promise). But I am sitting here in serious thought about where to go from here. Even with TOM here, I've been doing pretty good this week. Although thehubs was gone so it was easier. But how do I stay on track? What is my track? Maybe I should admit that I'm lactose intolerant. But I don't wanna. I don't want to be a new year gym bunny person, so I need to get my ass in gear right now. 

Wish me luck. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My Thanksgiving

Well the vacation is finally over.  If you could even call it that. I was all over the country! I was so tired sitting at my desk at work on Monday that I could barely feel my eyelids. Valdosta to Pittsburgh (14 hrs, to Michigan (5 hrs) back to Pittsburgh (5 hrs) back to Valdosta(14hrs). Bah humbug. But it was well worth the trip. I had such an amazing time with my and Rob's family, and I can honestly say that today, Wednesday, I am finally recuperated.

I apologize that some of these pics are not great quality, but I was just snapping in the moment!

This was my plate of awesomeness!

Our family tradition is to play Monopoly when there are a bunch of us visiting. My mom always used to dominate, but this year, Thehubs killed.

And just look at that brotherly love!

We went to see Rob's family in Michigan! It was a great trip meeting everyone for the first time. They went all out and cooked us dinner and everything. His aunt Meta makes some rolls that I can't live without, but she is holding on tight to that recipe!

Isn't she a cutie!
Back at my house my mom put together our thanksgiving dinner. 2 chickens (we don't usually have turkey) a roast.
Pineapple coconut cake! Yum
My dad is making a mohawk out of Mugsy's hair.

Look at my mommy getting a big old kiss from Mac! Ans yes, she dressed them up for thanksgiving hahaha.

Hope you enjoyed the quick look!