Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Step One in Fat Domination Complete

I joined Planet Fitness today. Yep I sure did. Why, because damnitt I need to be in a planet full of fitness. I've let this thing become a hot stanky mess. I've been trying to encourage myself to go to the FREE.99 gym on base, but I can't seem to bring myself to drive past the house to get there. #LazyAsHell.  Yes, I'm aware. But instead of using it as an excuse, I have decided to find an alternative. I found that Planet Fitness was having a special for new joiners and I jumped on it.  Not only is it on my way home from work, but it is absolutely adorable.  All yellow and purple.


Mama had to take back the control over her life. Really. 

Remeber this girl? The baller? With those almost skinny ass arms? And just look at the rack!

What about this girl. With the skinny ass legs and the 36 DD boobs. Oh how I miss those little ass boobs. I hate big boobs, and right now they seems to be the size of my head.

Exhibit A- Monstrous boobs and a super wide mid section. I actually asked TheHubs if I was pregnant because this stomach is out of control. Don't judge my before pictures! Trust me, I'm judging them enough. But here they are, untouched. No fliter. No sucking. Just real.

Notice how small I made them hahahahaha. 

It took every fiber of my being to post these pictures. I tried everything to talk myself out of it. "Wait until I get a bit skinnier" "Don't post them after this crazy weekend you just had" "Why do these need to be in cyber space" "Kill me". Yea, all kinds of stuff.  But fuck it.  Here they are. I don't think I've really checked myself out since I started putting it back on. Not really. So this kind of puts it in perspective.

Ahhhhhhh... I'm rethinking this right now!!! All my business in the streets! But'ts cool. My before picture is going to be so inspiring when I'm inmy AFTER situation again hahahaha. This time, when I get skinny like that again, I will NOT complain! Promise.  And next week when I'm on vacation, I'm going to hit the gym bright and early and see just how much I can lose before New Year.  

BIG GOAL: Lose 10 lbs by New Year's Eve 

Might be a little much, but shoot for the stars!

As a side note, let's talk about this movie I watched Yesterday called "Tusk". W. T. F. I mean really. W .... T.....F.....  This movie. This movie was.... Very rarely am I at a loss for sufficient words, but I can't seem to explain. Let's just say it was amazingly disturbing, funny, and there was even a guest appearance by an actors all the ladies love! I want you to see this movie.  You must. Please and thank you.

Have you ever had the displeasure of gaining all your weight back?


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