Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Huge Origins Haul

So while we were in Jacksonville I went on a massive Origins spree.  I have tried to use other thing on my face but I always come back to this.  Can you believe I got all of this for $72??? Ahhhhhh!

Just look at that presentation.  I'm all about pretty hahaha.

I originally went for 2 things. I needed some moisturizer for in the morning under my makeup, and some heavy duty stuff for my  night time ritual.  I tend to use the most moisturizer at night but I figured I could cut down on how MUCH I use if I used some heavier product. My intention was to pick up some of that plantscription night cream but I saw this set for $51 with TWO FULL SIZED PRODUCTS and I had to have it. 

They didn't have the plantscription in a set, so I opted for the night-a-mins. I gave it a test shot in the store and I was amazed by the consistency. It was just thick enough, had a perfect scent, and it went on smooth without being to greasy. Perfect. The GinZing smells like love, and is light enough to go on under my makeup.  To be honest, I haven't given any thought to the other products hahahaha. I wonder what that night masks does? As soon as I figure it out I will let you know! The tiny GinZing is eye cream and I haven't really tried that one either. I should get on my job!
This Ginger set is Origin's best selling scent and I just love the lotion. Imgine my surprise when I found that I was getting  it for Free.99!! What what!!!

Then, because I spent 70 bucks (I was supposed to spend 75 but she let me go!) I also go a full size Plantscription! Let me tell you. I haven't been so pumped in a long time. I went in for two things that would have cost me $60 and change, and came out with a whole bunch of stuff! I'm all about free.

This last thing is a set I bought for my husbands boss.  They are doing some kind of secret santa thing at his job and since he is rubbish at gift giving, I went ahead and took this task off his hands. He needs to expel all that mental gift giving on MOI, not some random chick at work. Ok, not random, but she might as well be lol.

And now, I'm off to a bath and facial!

Ok, favorite face product. Read, Set, Go!


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