Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My Thanksgiving

Well the vacation is finally over.  If you could even call it that. I was all over the country! I was so tired sitting at my desk at work on Monday that I could barely feel my eyelids. Valdosta to Pittsburgh (14 hrs, to Michigan (5 hrs) back to Pittsburgh (5 hrs) back to Valdosta(14hrs). Bah humbug. But it was well worth the trip. I had such an amazing time with my and Rob's family, and I can honestly say that today, Wednesday, I am finally recuperated.

I apologize that some of these pics are not great quality, but I was just snapping in the moment!

This was my plate of awesomeness!

Our family tradition is to play Monopoly when there are a bunch of us visiting. My mom always used to dominate, but this year, Thehubs killed.

And just look at that brotherly love!

We went to see Rob's family in Michigan! It was a great trip meeting everyone for the first time. They went all out and cooked us dinner and everything. His aunt Meta makes some rolls that I can't live without, but she is holding on tight to that recipe!

Isn't she a cutie!
Back at my house my mom put together our thanksgiving dinner. 2 chickens (we don't usually have turkey) a roast.
Pineapple coconut cake! Yum
My dad is making a mohawk out of Mugsy's hair.

Look at my mommy getting a big old kiss from Mac! Ans yes, she dressed them up for thanksgiving hahaha.

Hope you enjoyed the quick look!

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