Friday, November 21, 2014

Ready For Home: Packing for a Week

I haven't been home for a holiday in about 5 years, so I am beyond excited! We are heading to Pittsburgh and it will be a 14 hour drive. Yikes! But it will be ok. The husband and I will be trading off (I think, I may just be asleep) the driving duties but it's still a long trip.  We are going to Pittsburgh, then Michigan, back to Pittsburgh, Charlotte to drop my sis off, then home to GA. Let's just go ahead and say this isn't a "vacation" but a much needed, crazy, hectic, trip to see the fam.

Crazy and Hectic. That about sums it up.

My sister, the little begging bastard, is already asking for new jeans.

My brother wants to drive my car.

My mom is talking about us all going to the club! Ok, that I'm excited about!

Last time me and mom went clubbing

Daddy just want to love up on his oldest baby. Hehehe

And we are taking the babies.

What a damn week...but I'm pumped.

Now it's just a matter of packing light, but making sure I have enough outfits. Saturday we are taking the siblings to the mall and to see Hunger Games. PUMPED! Sunday and Monday we are spending the day with Rob's family in Michigan and I can't bum it out like I want...ITS COLD! Then its back to Pitt on Tuesday to hang out and prep for Thanksgiving. club Tuesday night. Who knows what on Wednesday and the big day on Thursday. And I have no idea what's going on after that.

I'm thinking

  • 1 pair of jeans,
  • A cute compression suit to travel in 
  • 2 pairs of slacks, 
  • 1 pair heels, 2 pair boots (uggs included), 
  • 7 shirts, 
  • 2 pair of leggings, 
  • two cardi's, 
  • 2 scarfs. 
  • Pajamas
Too much? I don't think so. I have comfort, style, club, and warmth covered. And the scarves help switch up with variety. Lil pizzazz.  Lil Spice! lol.

I have to days to get my life in order but it's so hard! I don't feel like cleaning, or washing clothes, or doing anything but cuddling with my doggies and watching old batman cartoons. But I must. I can't leave my house half way dirty, and I need to wash clothes. I also have to get my nails and eye brows done, give myself a pedi, pack, and make sure my ipod is in order and my ibooks are up to date.  By the way. I got an iphone 6. I'm such a trader! And I love it!!!

Do you see my Hogwarts Lock Screen. Uh huh. I'm that guy!
I am REALLY in love.

I am going to take a million pictures. Ohhh, Note to self charge my camera!

How do you get yourself ready for a big trip?

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