Thursday, November 6, 2014

Coffee Shop Talk

A thousand years ago, I started this thing called coffee talk where I caught up my readers on my life by pretending we were having a nice Java in a swanky little coffee shop somewhere...but not Starbucks because chains SUCK! Anyway, I liked it, so I'm bringing it back!

So let me set the mood...

Its 7pm on a Friday night. And I am talking to all my best friends rolled into 1 person. I respond how I think they would. I am tickled just thinking about it. I am drinking a Salted Caramel Mocha and you opted for a Chai Tea Latte.

Why don't I have more money? Amen girl! I feel like I have even less money now that I'm working than I did when I was unemployed. Is that crazy. Nah, you just working hard now and you think you should have more money. Truth. Teaching is hard work, and Georgia ain't paying me didly squat.

Why didn't anyone tell me I could get fat again? When I was leaving England I had a series of asthma attacks and I was put on a pretty heavy dosage of prednisone. If you know anything about the steroid, it makes you gain weight at a pretty quick rate. Well, I didn't remember that. At all. And I was in the middle of moving to a different country so I had no kitchen and I really took advantage of the foods I missed once I came back to the states. Damn you waffle house. Girl, I just went there this morning. I used to look at those magazines and wonder how the hell people could say they lost a bunch of weight and gained it bacl, well, now I get it. It happens so fast, and before you know it, you can't get your pants over your thighs anymore. So now I'm working slow and steady to get it off again. And it is SLOW going! Ugh. But you still cute though. Thank you boo.

And honestly, I'm my own motivaiton. Looking at pictures of myself from when I was working out every day and eating the way I should, has made me get on the ball. So I've restarted insanity...again. I'm very upset with how out of shape I've gotten. My body doesn't move like it did even 6 months ago. But I am not ashamed or discouraged. There are so many other things that I could be/have, and chunky damn sure isn't the worst. So I've made my own Shaina Shrine hahahaha to commemorate a skinnier time in my life. It is currently my Ipad background. Don't judge me. Vain ass. *sips chai tea latte*

And even though I know I'm sucking in in all these pictures it doesnt matter...

Peps me up.

Maybe I'm not such a great writer after all? I've been pushing out content for Nanowirmo, and it kind of sucks hahahahaha. Who the hell told you you could write anyway? Shut up. I'm a damn writer. Well you ARE trying to write a ridiculous amount of content in a short time so maybe the quality will suffer a little. True, so I figure I will write until its done, and edit until its good. Hey I like that! Cue inspirational meme!!!

I'll get it on paper, and then worry about making it Pulitzer prize winning. Ok, maybe not that good, it is a fantasy novel and I haven't known those to win any accolades for real.

And I'll close this coffee talk with a series of random things I am currently thinking about.

Can't wait to see my family for thanksgiving but not looking forward to that drive.
My puppies are big boys and they stay in the house without being in the cages!
Cramps can kiss my ass.
My journal is always with me. Might as well be another boob.
I spend way too much money eating out *contemplates where to go for dinner tonight*
I wish I was on someone's remote beach in a hammock.

Well, that was a little taste of my upcoming coffee talks.  I hope you've enjoyed me ultimately talking to myself hahahahaha!

Tell me something random in the comments section!

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  1. Something from the coffee house ... I love the idea of a coffee chat, but have to have my hot cocoa!!
    Some positive energy ... you are a truly beautiful woman and I love and admire you!
    Something random... I'm wearing a red t-shirt today that has a Mexican cockroach on it and says, "mas cerveza!"
    Hugs always,


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