Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How I've Prepared For Nanowrimo

Nanowrimo is almost here. 

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't getting more and more nervous as the days progress, but I have some solid plans for my novel- which I am now calling "The Cycle of Antiquity". this will change in 3.8 days. Trust me. I can't seem to keep a title no matter how hard I try, and to be fair, this one kind of sucks. Hahaha. But it will have to do for now. With less than a week to go before the big day, I thought I would share some of the ways I am preparing for Nano.

Wanderlust is neat and organized

Ok, but really...when ISN'T wanderlust neat and organized.  Maybe I just wanted to throw a picture of my baby up there.

My insert is decorated and ready to go.

Because decorating is important for people like me.

I've been filling the days leading up to Nano with research about Atlantis, Witchcraft, and writing in general.  This is actually the part that may take up most of my Nano time. I have this great idea, but I don't know nealry enough about what I want to write about. Don't you hate that? I've been a Jack of all trades for so long, I have to narrow my thoughts and interests. Which is what I've been doing in my Nano insert to get me ready.
There are some details about my main character on this page

I've also updated my nano profile and I've been adding friends (click the link and add me).

I've been playing around with some apps that I am interested in using. Werdsmith, Ginger, and Word Count Dashboard.

Here is the word count dashboard. I love how much it works towards the whole Nano feel with word count, time, and goals.  This app was $1.99. Don't think I would buy it again if I knew you couldn't physically WRITE in the app, just keep track of your stuff. Still not bad for what it is though.

This is an example of Werdsmith and how you can turn an idea into a project. I love this one.  Truly my favorite. If I could combine Werdsmith and Word count dashboard, I would be in authors heaven.

I also like that with Werdsmith you can see your chapters along the side. Why do I love that so much? Who knows. Maybe because I feel like a young Hemmingway and I want to see my work as I work.

This is Ginger. It's like a keyboard and editor. I like that it gives you all those options on the left panel. The synonyms portion is great by itself.  I DO NOT love the fact that the app gets wonky when you exceed a page. Wont let you scroll up and when you click off, it takes one thousands taps to get the cursor back. In fact, I may get rid of this one!

I've already been using prompts, and Day 1, but I wanted something a little more tailored to my writing more than journal entries. 

Nanowrimo can be intimidating, especially if you have been working on a novel for a while.  A novel is like your baby, and the idea of rushing it into maturity is just damn wrong. But the way I see it, Nano is more of a push in the right direction. I am not trying to finish my novel by the end of November. I just wont be able to. But I am going to get as much done as I can between now and December 1st. Nano gives you a solid goal, and knowing there are thousands of other people with the same goal gives you that sense of camaraderie. Between my pen and paper, and my Werdsmith app, I have everything I need at my disposal. 

I remind myself that this is what I love to do. Writing is my passion. Perfectionism is my greatest barrier. I will look at my blank screen forever because I am scared to write something mediocre. That almost debilitates me! I want to be amazing, so instead of writing something that's below my expectations, I don't write at all. Talk about your faulty logic, huh?  

Hitting the ground running
I'm going to jump right into this thing. The worst thing that could happen would ending up with bad writing. *Cue* introduction to "Secret Window". See what bad writing did to Jhonny Depp? Well, that and a cheating wife. I'm just going to jump on this thing and just go for gold.  Gonna try not to overthink it...which is my thing...over thinking and stuff. 

Well, now that that's all sorted, I'm going to finish catching up on my Grey's Anatomy, and cooking these sausages...AKA dinner.

Are you ready for NanoWrimo? Is this your first time? 

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  1. I love writing to, and when fall hits I have more imagination for some reason (haha) oh I never heard of that Ginger. It looks good so I had to download it and give it a try for my writings thanks for sharing that:) I have to say my Midori almost looks like yours I love it, I like to use it for journaling and mixed media art which I am still learning and loving it:) have a good day..


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