Monday, October 27, 2014

UR; Body Butter by Usher

I have to deeply moisturize my feet every night before bed. Its an absolute necessity. Not only do I moisturize, but I also give myself a nice foot massage as well. I think it sends me off to sleep calmer. 

I've tried body butters, oils, lotions, ect- whatever I could get my hands on to give me that luxurious feeling after my shower and before bed. Up to date, I've liked the shea body butter from the Body Shop, and the ginger souffle body butter from origins (and even though I love the ginger, it is WAY too expensive a habit to continue), and a few different body butters from bath and body works.  So far, everything has been "nice", but I am absolutely in love with this body butter by Usher.

First of all, who even knew Usher was making body butters and the like? During my most recent trip to TJ Maxx (because I am in the process of doing my master bedroom- quick interjection- remember my last post about needing to actually live in Valdosta and find happiness, well I've started actually decorating the house. I'm getting there folks, I promise) I discovered the awesomeness that is the fragrance and body section. I found all kinds of good stuff that I want to buy. I was in artsy farsty fragrance heaven. The soaps, perfume, essential oils - heaven!

Well, I immediately started looking for a new body butter. I saw this pretty brown box and was like "Hmmm, Usher huh?" and I picked it up and gave it the once over.  Large enough to last a while, but would it pass the smell and feel test.  Yes, I opened the box. Yea, I violated some important policy about opening products you may not buy. Yes, I'm that guy. But I don't have money to waste. So, I opened the box, the jar, and then gave it a little rub. 
I promise it was a tiny rub. This is a big rub because I'd already bought it!

It felt amazing! Smelled delicious.  I was so surprised. And I was even more surprised when I found out it was only 5.99. Way to go TJ Maxx. 

Side note: I'm watching Donnie Darko for the first time...Ummmm WTF? Time travel?! I'm down.

The body butter is just thick enough that its not too heavy on your skin. It glides on smooth, and a little goes on a long way. The scent is - well its pretty hard to explain the scent- hmmm. The scent is like "I'm-A-Super-Sexy-Woman-about-To-Go-To-Bed-But-I-Still-Smell-Good-All-The-Time-Because-I'm-Fly". Really, I plan on wearing this body butter every day. At least until I get tired of it. Last night I paired this lotion with a little of my "Fancy" by Jessica Simpson body spray and it was intoxicating. I couldn't stop smelling myself. I was also all shaved (which is amazing for me because ain't nobody got time for leg shaving), and had just taken a bath in my newly decorated bathroom. Needless to say, I felt like I had just left the spa!

I will definitely be using the Usher Raymond body butter for the next few months. And for $5.99 you really can't beat it- which is why I bought two! retail price on amazon was $19.99! I love anything to do with a sale! 

Do you have any "before bedtime" compulsions? 

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