Friday, November 14, 2014

Super Cute Motivational Bottle

As you know, I enjoy cute things. Not just everyday run of the mill cute, but pink cuddly cute things too. As you also know, I've been off and on (read: struggling) with getting back on my fitness regimen. I've been having some trouble getting back on the ball and STAYING on the ball. So anything that can motivate me is welcomed. I was truly in love when I saw this water bottle company on instragam.

How cute is it!? And the message on the front reads "Fall down 7 times Get up 8". What a super cheesy (in the right kind of way) phrase! I love it. Because I am also a connoisseur of all things cheesy. It also comes with a little diffuser in case I want to put some fruit inside.

I love that it's removable. I can take it out and just use the bottle to fill it with ice. Which is what I ended up doing today.

I think my favorite part is the time keeper on the back. You can easily keep up with your water intake all day by looking at the back of your bottle. Very practical indeed. Also they are BPA free (I know that means something important! hahaha J/k I know what it means!) and made of a durable plastic. 
Now since 27oz isn't enough water for my daily intake, I drink a liter of water before I leave the house every morning (I did this even before the bottle). This way, the extra 27oz during the day is just water in the tank lol. Then I drink more once I get home. I try to anyway. Sometimes I feel like a damn fish. All I do is drink water.

I have no complaints about this bottle. The top of the bottle snaps closed and there is NO LEAKING!! I mean, When I look at the cap, I definitely thought there would be some spillage, but I was pleasantly surprised. The spout is nice and wide as well. I love the fact that I can just pour the water in my mouth without having to suck. Hehehehe dirty mind.

Anyway, I've carried it everywhere with me. What a conversation starter. I believe I've already convinced 2 people to go and buy one. Here is the website if you're interested.and for $19.95, I think its a good deal. And hell, anything that makes me feel good about working out... WIN!

Do cute things help you get in the work out mood?

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