Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Chocolaty Trip to Belgium

As I waited for 2:30 to roll around I felt familiar cocktail of nervousness and excitement that always creeps up on me when I travel.  It would be the first time leaving the pups for a whole day and I had big time mommy worries.  But I couldn't wait to experience yet another culture.

It's 12 am and I'm playing fetch with them and giving them more food to carry them over.  When 1 am rolls around its time for showers and more puppy play while we watch some horrible B movie called "Yeti".   By 2 am we are dressed and ready and I'm having a nervous breakdown.  But both rob and my mom assured me that one day alone, playing in the conservatory wouldn't kill my babes.  BETTER NOT!

We say goodbye and head for base so we can finally ride out to Belgium.

After the quick ride to base that was filled with deer thinking they owned the road, we arrive and see the Double-Decker bus.  I'd never been on a two story bus....TOP  PLEASE!! Rob obliged.  We checked in and headed out of the city by 3 am

First stop: Willy Wonka's House

After some shoddy in and out sleep that was almost completely worthless, I woke up just in time to watch us board the train for the euro tunnel.  That's the train that goes under the English Channel, and took us across to Calais.  Once we disembarked, I knew I needed to go back to sleep but I was kind of entranced by the signs that were all in French.  The countryside was beautiful. I felt like I was in the French version of P.s. I love you.  Maybe it was mental, but the country felt and looked different than England; greener, clearer, and even the sheep looked frenchy and sheepier.   "Oh Yvonne? That's a French ass name!" 

Our first stop was a little chocolate shop outside of Brugge where I ate way too many samples and spent way too much money.  White, dark, fudge, different shapes and designs, and there was even a section with some big ole chocolate nipples.  But the chocolatey goodness was short lived as we had to make our way to the city for what was sure to be a long day.

Welcome signs
We arrived at the city center at 9am and went our separate ways after being told to return by 7. Plenty of time.  We walked and walked until we found a cute little place to grab some breakfast.  Unfortunately we didn't eat there.   The lady working there could have used a lesson in courtesy and they didn't accept cards.  Well, on to the next one.   

The next spot was absolutely gorgeous; cozy and full of fresh foods!  We had some breakfast and wifi before taking in all the beauty around us.  

Everything was so beautifully gothic and old timey.  The architecture was amazing and the horse drawn carriages definitely helped.  I tried to capture it all with my camera.   Here is a quick view of our time in Belgium.  
A carriage ride through the main street

Boat ride in old Brugge
1800th century buildings with the signature step-like roofs 
We got lost, saw an old hospital turned museum, took pictures, basically got kicked out of a bar because we were trying to decide what we were going to drink, found a gorgeous little tea shop and bought some loose tea, and ended our day with some dinner and waffles at a place called Chips and Ice.  Delicious!!

Couple running the tea shop.  My dream!

Those chips were something serious

Belgian waffles and toppings

All in all, a nice quick trip.  I enjoyed it.  Next time I will wear my walking finger toe shoes and some leggings; the perfect travelling outfit.  I was too "cute" and my feet told me so when I got home.  

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  1. Woah that just sounds magical. Chocolate tasting has to be my absolute favorite. Traveling is so mesmerizing plus everything about Belgium seems so fresh and classy at the same time.


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