Friday, February 7, 2014

Inglot Makeup Haul

Yep.  I see what's happening now.  As clear as the nose on my face...

I'm substituting bad food with good shopping...

What a shame. I  decided to go hang out with my girlfriend on Wednesday since my work wasn't calling me in, so of course, we went to the mall.  She had to return something annnnnnnnnnnnnd  I had to buy something.  I originally went for something sexy to wear for valentines day evening ....ahem *clears throat*...  Buuuuuutttt I didn't buy that.  Nope.  Before you judge me and my failure, know that I looked for quite a while and all they had was ugly bullshit they didn't have anything to my liking. And it was after I bought the makeup anyway so maybe I was extra picky.  But hey, we will be on our *SECRET VACATION*, drinking wine and seeing the sights.  I think that is romantic in itself.

Now that I've talked myself out of shoppers guilt (that I really don't have).  On to my haul.

I've been looking for a setting powder and something to contour my face.  Every time I've tried to contour my face I end up looking like a drag queen.  And not the super hot drag queens that know what they're doing... the other ones.

Left to right- Blush (40), setting powder (64), contour compact (61 I think), freedom Pallet

I don't know if you are super familiar with Inglot (link takes you to USA site), but they are an international company with only a few stores in major cities in the USA (Miami, New York, Las Vegas, ect).  Once I leave and move to Georgia I will have to order online, or drive to Orlando (NOT).  Luckily for me, one of the stores they have in England is in Cambridge or I never would have found this Gem.  And the freedom system is amazing...details below.

Contour (That splotch is a trick of the light)

I went in and of course, I had to let the MUA show me some contour stuff.  And Lo and Behold, I looked amazing.  I absolutely loved the way it made my face look thinner.  I'm at work right now and I have on Zero make up (except brows) so I'll  have to post a pic later.  I got the contour in a 61 or 67 (the box is at home, I will update as soon as I know for sure).  The MUA informed me that I was probably having contour issues because I have such deep red undertones to my skin and I'd been using dark browns instead of reddish browns.  This was $13.00

Magnetic pallet

This is an empty freedom system pallet.  Inglot makes it so that you can mix and match your items to make the perfect pallet for yourself.  They come in all different sizes and you can add, face powder, blush, eye shadows, and lipsticks to have your own custom pallet. I adore it. This pallet cost £8 or about $13 yesterday because it was 20% off and it is the "2 powder pallet" which gave me a little freedom with my options.  They are all magnetic pieces so fall out isn't a problem.

Here is what it looked like after I put in my setting powder and my new blush.  The setting powder is fabulous and it made my makeup last all day yesterday! And let me just say that this blush is one of the best colors I have ever put on my chocolate skin.  It goes on perfectly and has just the right amount of pinks and browns.  This is in a color 40 and costs $11.

I didn't like the gap at the top, so I took two of the eye shadows out of an old FP and stuck them in here.  Can I just say how much I love taking this fresh adorable pallet out of my make up bag.

Here is a close up of the blush (at the bottom) and the eye shadows.  The blush looks really pink, but there are beautiful brown and gold undertones.  Look at those gold flecks! DREAMY!

And of course... what is a makeup haul without some new makeup bags.  I stopped at Primark to pick up a few new bags for my Face products and my make up.  They were £4 a piece, or about $7.00.

Here's a shot of what's inside.  The top bag holds my Face wash, clay masks, scrubs, Clarisonic Mia 2, Q-tips, cotton pads and toners.  We have a tiny bathroom with absolutely no storage space, so I have to keep all my things together.

The bottom bag holds my go to make up.  It includes the Coastal Scents Eye shadow pallet I posted, my new Inglot pallet, the contour,  a few lipsticks, concealer, NYX eyebrow cake, and my foundation.

That is all!  I know it was wordy right!  Yikes!  So no sexy night time out fit, but adorable day time makeup! I'll take it!

What are your plans for Valentine's Day this year? 

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