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All Souls Trilogy Book Review

You know that I am partial to Science Fiction - Historical Science Fiction, Erotic Science Fiction, Futuristic...- I could go on and on about Scyfy.  This series has truly brought me so much joy over the past 2 years, and while I am VERY -OVER- THE -TOP -KILL- EVERYONE -IF -HARKNESS- DOESN'T- HURRY- UP -AND PUBLISH- IT ready for book 3, I am already mourning the end of the series.

I saw this book after searching my Goodreads feed for magic and history wrapped up in a nice neat package.  Don't get me wrong, I love my Vampire erotica as much as the next geek, but there is something so enticing about fictional magic stories based in fact.  Maybe because I am more apt to believe when there are so many connections to the past.  Like "Wow ! That could have really happened".  I'm pretty sure I spend my days wishing for the things I read in books to be real.  The life of a geek.  And not just once in a while. On no!  I completely go head first into a novel and it takes days after I'm done for me to poke my head out again.

All Souls Trilogy 1&2- 9 so far
      Let me start by saying that I love books that cause me to look beyond things that I am familiar with, and A discovery of witches definitely does that. I found myself researching things that she wrote and connecting fact and fiction .The fact that the author is actually a historian (and has written two history books) makes the book that much more appealing to me. 

The story---
The story was amazing and I have very few complaints. Let’s start with the positives:

1- The love story is just what every girl loves and the vampire is hot. Nothing like an overly protective Vamp pawing all over you! Oh how I wish
2- The facts were wonderful
3- The characters were well developed and easy to identify with
4- The book is a “can’t put this down” kind of book
5- I am in love with LONGGGGGGG books
6- The historical aspect put such a spin on writers and poets of old.  Along with alchemy and magic, there were so many things to keep your interest.  I particularly liked the introduction of Shakespeare in the 2nd novel.  

Ok so there are several more specific things I could discuss, but I shan't ruin the plot for you.
As far as the negatives go, there are only a few:

1- For such an intelligent woman she sure did have plenty of times where I wanted to slap her. She has moments where she is extremely na├»ve and childish and you think to yourself “Really?? You are a grown ass woman, get it together”
2- There are a few parts that are a bit wordy. Just a few. Lots and lots of details. I liked MOST of it, but sometimes it was just a bit unnecessary. But what can you expect from a historian
3- Lastly, they fell in love too damn quick for me. How realistic is a THAT. Give me a little more time so it seems more apt to happen in real life. 

Let's hope book 3 is just as good as the other 2.  

   Last Words: There have been a few books that I've read in the past 5 years that I could say have literally changed the way I think about fiction, and have also made me reflect on my own writing abilities, and The All Souls Trilogy definitely has done that.  Combining all the things I love, witches, vampires, and history, there are few other things I could even to say to make them better.  A definite read in 2014.  

Have you checked out this series yet?

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