Monday, February 10, 2014

...Of The Week

Every Sunday I plan on posting my very own "Of The Week" piece.  Yes, I know it's Monday, but I put up the wing post yesterday so hush up!  It will be a collection of...Hmmm... yea, I don't know.  Just whatever I have going on.  Don't worry, you'll love it (I hope *bites lip in worry*)

"All Cried Out Redux" Jill Scott Featuring Doug E. Fresh- This song is so spunky and hip. With Fresh on the beat and the always sweet sounds of Jill singing on top, It will have you bumping your head and looking over at your homies like "Damn this is hot".  Just hit play!

"Plant your own Garden and Decorate your soul"- A Post by Elite Daily- There is so much beauty within your own self.  Internalize that and you can make yourself happy.  Don't look for someone else to give you happiness. Don't always need validation from external sources.  You are enough and you are amazing!

I bought this 3 piece set of playboy perfume on a whim because it was on SUPER SALE and I actually really like it.  I knew I liked it before I bought it because I have absolutely no problem opening things in the store. Maybe I shouldn't do it.... *Shrugs*.  But they smell really nice and light. 
Photo from Google

One of the things on my life list....

Loy Kratong (Floating Lantern) Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Outfit Inspiration
Is it Spring yet?  Let's call this wishful thinking!  My big move to Georgia in happening in less than two months!!!!

From Polyvore

I've just finished my application to have my license reinstated in GA and I'm hoping all goes according to plan!  Fingers crossed.  Please send some positives thoughts to the Certification Committee, and inform them that their kids need me lol!

I started my outfit with just this scarf, I built the outfit around it!  

What's your favorite this week?  Name anything!

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