Friday, March 14, 2014

So You Don't Like Fitness? A Wineless Rant

I am currently sitting at the table in my kitchen(because there's no other furniture in my house now) and going through all kind of things.  It doesn't help that I want to drink this wine, but the movers have packed all of my damn wine bottle openers.  Warning: I think this may be a rant...

A facebook friend of mine recently posted a link to an Elite Daily article that basically calls the fitness world a cult.  The post actually goes out of its way- to the extent of using pictures- to demonstrate the authors disdainful view of the fitness world.  Am I now, or have I ever considered myself to be, a fitness guru- N to the O.  Do I, however, tend to post a serious amount of health and fitness related stuff... yes.  I'm an advocate of having a healthy lifestyle.  My gripe is with the article as a whole.  My friend, who is generally a health conscious person when it comes to being organic and things like that, is not a fan of some of the habits of people who love the gym or being fit. I have no problems with that.  My friend makes amazing points about balance and the way some people can be targeted for not being fit.  I agree, it does happen.  But I personally love all the fitspiration peeps I follow on instagram.  But that's just it.  I follow what I like.  I delete what I don't.  What I don't understand about people who complain about things other people post, is why not just delete them?  It's so simple.  I don't follow anyone who continuously posts garbage that I don't gain anything from.  And if we have been friends for BLAH years, and social media dictates that I not delete you (because it would just be mean), then I just completely hide them from my timeline.  The point I'm making is that the author of this article unfairly attacks the fitness world.  

If you've followed me for a while, you know that I am obsessed with people, especially women, having a positive body image and trying to uplift each other; regardless of their body types.  I am an advocate of loving yourself completely.  I can see where the article was trying to go, but it failed horribly.  Instead of making non-worker-outters feel better about themselves, which was the intended purpose, it just shamed people who DO workout. Right down to posting a picture of a woman with muscles with the caption "gross".  WTF is wrong with you chick?  What gives you the right to talk shit about anyone's body, especially if they've spent this much time and energy working on it.  If someone put that much work into getting a Phd or having a great marriage, people would be applauding.  And no, I'm not implying that getting a Phd is on the same level as having a fit body, but hell, I've been working towards a fit body for like 5 years and I can't seem to make it happen.  Took me 2 years to get a Masters lol, and I didn't even crack a sweat.  You love what you love, and some people love fitness.  Get over it.  

Again, it's not for everyone.  And yes, some people are naturally skinny and make it look easy.  It ain't booboo.  But you can be skinny and unhealthy.  I follow people who post recipes, inspiration, and motivation.  I love to see people getting healthy.  I also love knowing that other people are struggling in the ways that I am.  Does this struggle keep me from living my life? No.  I still eat, I love food, and wine is always needed.  But I AM conscientious about what I put in my body, and once upon a time I spent umpteen hours in the gym, and I would love to get to that point of dedication again.  

Huge sigh.  I told you it would be a rant.  I know that everyone doesn't agree with everything I post on facebook and that is fine.  I myself prefer to write my own damn blog instead of engaging in a social media battle about bullshit.  In truth, I probably wouldn't even have given a damn if I wasn't so mad about this wine bottle.  

I'm off to get a knife.  Looks like I'll be drinking cork wine tonight...

Then off to the gym tomorrow...

And I'm going to post pictures of it...

I will also add a gazillion #hashtags #SoWhat #Boom

And I dare someone to comment on it....except my friends Dylan and Sean... because they are assholes and they love to rile me up!  Bring it on boys!

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  1. Couldn't agree more some people are naturally skinny but that doesn't mean their healthy! I am probably one of these people, i naturally have a fast metabolism but I know i'm not the fittest person which isn't good and i defo need to do something about that and slowly i have started to make changes to my diet making sure that im not over eating etc.

    Jess x


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