Sunday, March 2, 2014

Planning The Suite

Colors, pink, black, white, gold
For the past 6 months, I've been obsessed with turning a spare room into a walk in closet-office-make up suite.  Since the move is coming up in 1 month *SCREAMING AND UNABLE TO CONTAIN JAZZ HANDS*, I've been doing some serious planning and drafting up blue prints.  AKA searching pinterest like its a job.

I have sooooo many pictures and I like something specific from each of them.  What I DONT have, is the money to buy it all.  But that is the least of my worries.  I know it's going to take months to get THE SUITE (I'm trying that name kind of rolls right off the tongue) together, and the lack of moolah will only make me put even more thought and consideration into each piece I purchase.

I know I want painted bookcases for my shoes, lighted mirror, the white malam table from Ikea for my makeup area, a few different storage options for my pallets and things, a wall closet system, A white desk area, my favorite chair covered with a white slip cover, and absolutely too many things from Etsy.  It's going to be like a year, when its done...

So here are a few of my contenders.  Unfortunately, most of these pictures have no links so I can't give any photo credit.  :/.  I like different things about each of them.

The "I Love you" canvas= the tits

The storage and the malam table

Wall sconces and Hepburn...I wont have her that large though.. Maybe
I will take a picture of myself in the signature black dress! *Swoon*

Liking the storage here.  
 Ok, there they are.  My roomspirations! I think this will ultimately encourage more makeup and clothes shopping... That's no good, Shaina. *psyche*! Am I the only person who still says psyche?

Do you have ideas? What is something you would HAVE to have in your dream room? 

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