Monday, March 10, 2014

Date Night OOTD

Last night Rob and I decided to get away from packing and moving crap for a while.  It was a much needed date night.  We went to see "Ride Along" with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart.  I literally laughed so hard at one point that I spit water out of my mouth.  I was beyond concerned that I got the person in front of my, but luckily I didn't.  That would have been awkward.

After I did my 30 minute HIIT work out and P90X Ab ripper, I got all fresh  and so clean clean (right after I read another chapter in The Great Gatsby!) and decided to get all made up.  It wasn't necessarily supposed to be a "dressy" date night, but I figured it would probably be the last time I would get a chance to wear heels before this move.  Hell, we wont even have a bed after Thursday!  So, one last hurrah before leggings, sweats, and yoga pants take over my life.

Notice my attempts at sexy face-ness... I really do try!

You can totes see up my nose in that one...

I've been playing around with my new makeup brushes, but I'd yet to put on a full face and yesterday was as good a day as any.  Normally, I'm an eyeliner, under eye highlighter, and blush kind of girl- That's my usual work go-to face.  But yesterday I opted for the works, including foundation and my feeble attempts at contouring- which worked out pretty well actually.  

I've been trying to master the sexy face for about 2 years now :/ how am I doing?  Rob says I'm getting better, which is a huge improvement from when he would just laugh.

     I look confused in this one --> don't I? I always try to imagine I'm doing an album cover! I would call my album "When geeks try to be sexy...". HEY AT LEAST MY BRAIN IS SEXY!  All crinkly and full of smart people stuff.

I kept it simple, only using a brown and gold shadow on my lids and a faint rose pink on my cheeks.  I lined the top with a little wing, and put just a tiny bit of a sparkly black on my lower lid. I even tried to contour my nose.  Next time I will use just a little more of my powder as to give more definition.  I wore MAC lipstick in Cherish and lined them with Nude Pink from NYX.

While packing I found this jacket I bought from H&M in 2011.  I think I've worn it once! How horrible!  Well I broke it out yesterday and rocked my Gojane heeled boots, some skinnies, and a shirt I bought from Fredericks 3 years ago.  Hey, I guess there's one bright side to packing- you find clothes!!!!

What is your favorite MAC lipstick?

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