Thursday, March 13, 2014

...Of the Week

Wow, a whole month later and I am finally posting my "Of the week" post. Great job!  But here it is!

I finally watched "The Great Gatsby" and I was completely entranced. The story, the love, excess, and tragedy of it all.  It's complete literary genius.  (Of course Leo didn't hurt).  I had to read it for myself.  For some reason, this book was never on my summer reading list in school and it slipped right through my fingers.  I'm on chapter 3 and I'm looking forward to writing a review.

TV Show
I have been beyond obsessed with "The Originals".  That damn Niclous is like walking sex juice.  I heard the Claire Holt (The actress that plays Rebecca) has left the show for good.  I don't like it.  She is one of my favs.  I WILL however continue to watch the show.  I'm interested to see where they will go with it.  They've been renewed for a second season so hooray!

I've been playing in my make up as of late and I love this look.  It's simple, but the green eyes gives it depth.

God help me! I am so over packing.  It's been 2 weeks of non stop work in here.  I must be the world's worst housekeeper because everything was dusty, sticky, and nasty.  Granted, I did give up on cleaning about 3 months ago. It was all "Eh, I'm moving, I'll clean it then".  BAD. IDEA. I literally have about 7 bags of trash going on in here and no where to put it all.  We are going to have to find a dump around here.  And today the movers are coming!!! Whoooo hoooo! So now I must go before they arrive and take my bed :( But here is a picture of my babies who are also tired of packing!

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