Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Just Call Me Yogi

My whole body hurts.  No really.  Ok, it hurts less today, but between my circuit training and hours at a time spent on the cardio equipment, I needed a break.  As you know, I am no stranger to pretending to do yoga in my living room yoga, and I've been looking into this studio for a few months now.  Sutherland Yoga studio has received nothing but rave reviews all over facebook, and I've been dying to work with someone who isn't at the military gym.  

I initially planned to go to the 12pm class, but as the laziness started to creep over my body, I decided I'd better get my booty into high gear and head off to the 9:30am class.  I threw my wig on because there was no way that these braids were coming out.  Uh Uh.  So off I went to my first yoga experience in Valdosta.  

I walked in and I was immediately in love with the ambiance.  I went upstairs and was greeted by Kathi (Who also taught the class) and I proceeded to pay my well spent $8.00 for the class.  I talked to her for a while about how shoddy it is when you don't have a kitchen and you make all the wrong eating out decisions (for all the tasty reasons!).  Then I went in and found a seat. I really wanted to hide in the corner but there were 2 high school girls already occupying that space.  But after two minutes, I felt some comfortable with everyone that I could immediately tell that I had no need to worry about anyone judging me and my sucky down dog.  
I'm cute, huh?
Before class started I had to say "Don't be alarmed" because you know that wig had to come OH EFF EFF!  (That was my quirky way to say off hehehe).  I'm glad I did, because I shocked a few folks.  They all laughed and asked about my hair and I explained how much easier it is to manage than my own hair in the summer time.  I get on my mat and prepare myself to Namaste all over that mother.

Oh boy.  

Sooooooo that at home yoga that I did so much of did NOT prepare me for a real life Yogi lead yoga class.  Ouch.  It felt so good though.  I needed to be stretched out and even though I didn't do as well as I would have liked (I may have skipped a few of those plank vinyasas) I sweat more in that hour than I have in a long time.  Kathi was very supportive and encouraging throughout the entire class, and everyone was able to move at their own pace, which was snail like for me.

Overall, I give the Sutherland studio a 10/10.  The room was well ventilated and whatever scent they had permeating  through the room was amazingly relaxing.  Everyone was so friendly and welcoming.  And even though my balancing tree looked more like a bush, my crow had a broken wing, and my wheel pose had a flat tire, I'm looking forward to going back and improving!

Are you a Yogi?  Which pose do you want to conquer?  

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