Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Today's Laughable Workout

I really gave this thing my all.  I just didn't know that on this day, June 24, my all is worth 2 tears in a bucket...
Yea, those are my knees because I am on the floor dying
It was actually very adorable.  Me, standing there in my super tiny shorts and workout shirt from those fabulous days when I was quite a but thinner.  The intro to Insanity getting me light-weight hyped up for what I thought I was about to do.  "Come on ya'll...LET'S GOOOOO" and shit.  Iced cold water on deck.  Rug moved out the way and heart rate monitor ready to tell me how awesome I am.  Thought I was about to get it!

None of that mattered.

About 2 minutes in, I was dead.  WTF happened to me? I used to kick insanity in the nuts, and now I am sitting here recuperating and I've been done for 2 hours.  Someone grab the damn aleve! My knees! God save my knees! Allah forgive me for thinking I was the man out here! Buddah give me strength.

And after about 10 minutes of listening to my legs flap together, I decided to put on some damn leggings.  I was tired of making it clap without trying.  Where is Media takeout?

I went as hard as I could.  Sweat profusely.  Swore. Cried. Maybe even squeezed out a little pee while I was doing in and out abs. #SoWhat. I did the whole video, and I'll be keeping up with it for the next 60 days (except when my friends come to visit and I get ridiculously drunk).  3 cheers for getting back in shape. Hip Hip- Nope.

I took my measurements and did the fit test yesterday and I was unhappy to say the least.  But maybe weight loss will be that much sweeter the second time around.  And that much easier to keep off.  Why didn't anyone tell me how fast this shit can come back without me even realizing it?  Way to go "rest of the world".
I guess they tried to cheer me up.

And yes... I'm still on the floor.  


  1. Oh mannnnnnnn asif you tried Insanity! I have friends who tried this and never came back
    Good Luck! xxx


  2. Ahh the joys of working out - torture at first but worth it in the end.

    Just don't drink too much.

    Enjoy the madness, this was really a fun post to read. I secretly miss playing sports though I try to still keep up with the swimming lifestyle.


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