Tuesday, June 10, 2014

HIIT Class that Kicked my A$$

Happy Tuesday my lovelies!!!  I decided I needed a change because the classes they offer on base are pretty rubbish.  Not that I can complain about free classes, but they really leave something to be desired.  I'd been looking at the classes they offer my local Anytime Fitness and I decided to take a chance.  Hey, 5 bucks is totes swingable.

Come to find out, the class was free.  That's right, free.99.  And the owner of the gym teaches the class to boot.  It doesn't get more impressive than that.  I really enjoyed myself.  It was literally the hardest class I've even been too.  They have one tomorrow called "Booty Work" and I think my booty needs to get worked.  Did that sound kinky lol?  I'm now sitting here watching a Bootleg version of Captain America because I can't wait for the Bluray and I do so love the Winter Soldier.

Believe it or not, I actually went shopping before I even got to the gym.

Look at all the goodies!!!!

I hit Vicky Secrets and B&BW for their Semi annual and I had an amazing time with myself.  I'm enjoying these solo dates more and more.  I racked up on candles, wall flowers and refills, lotion and spray, and car scents.  Also picked up some lip glosses and bras from Vicky.  Didn't spend too much, but came home with a grip! I love sales.  Now I have to stay the hell out of there until January!

No idea where I will take myself tomorrow.  Maybe to the book store.  Hang out and read for free.

But for now...

It's just me, my nails, my wine, dark chocolate, and whatever creation I come up with in my Midori.

Have you ever been to an Anytime Fitness?
Plan on hitting up the sales in the next few weeks?

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