Saturday, May 30, 2015

Step Brothers; Why Getting KINDA Old Sucks

"It's the F*cking Catalina Wine Mixer"

I've just sold my dining room table...because I hated it. Definitely time for an upgrade. Anyway, the girl who came to pick it up was adorable. She looked like she was coming to pick up the table for her dollhouse, with her little cute ass. I asked her if it all checked out and if it was ok, she told me that she was a college student so it didn't even matter. 

Hugh sigh. 

Remember when things didn't matter?

Was I ever that young? It doesn't seem like it. It seems like I've been old for so long.

Not to mention, I'm watching Step Brothers. I haven't watched it in a while, but it is reeeeeaaaally touching a sore spot. The idea of never wanting to grow up...just living at home with the fam...eating for free...doing lots of activities and shit. 

Who doesn't like activities?

Rob and I are always talking about what "real grown ups" do. Since moving back to the states we have been trying to change our ways and become more responsible. Paying things on time, cleaning out the refrigerator, not letting the grass grow to our necks, saving money, investing money, getting life insurance- you know, the shit you're supposed to do anyway. It. Sucks. Big. Time. I miss those days when it felt like I had my whole life to make the "right" decisions.

To be honest. I didn't quite know I was old until Rob and I were at a bar and a young black man came in with his pants hanging off his ass and I almost told him to pull them up.  Really! First of all, why were we even in that bar trying to perpetrate!? It was an accident, we were just trying to get out of the house. But when I stuck my hand out to get his attention, I knew I need to go ahead and leave... quickly. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not old. 29 is only considered old when I talk to my students. But it always feels like I am behind the curve on what I should have accomplished by now. Not my professional accomplishments, but my adult shit. That's all I can call it. Adult shit. Knowing how to invest, having a real savings that I don't touch, thinking of buying a house, ect. Who wants to do this shit? 

So yea, Step Brothers really resonated with me today. That moment when dale sets down his book and you get a quick glimpse of clock...that mess said 8:43.  I actually screamed out loud. A high pitched wail of a scream. Because I get that life. I practically run to my bed around 8:15 just to get In hour or so of reading in every night. You could actually see the transition of growing up on their faces. It was sad. All of a sudden life hits you and you have no where to go. Step Brothers, like life, is about being that responsible adult, while maintaining that childlike outlook.

They were miserable as adults. He sold his night vision goggles so he could get insurance! Ohhhh the absolute horror.

I shall not lose my dinosaur. I promise. I solemnly swear I am up to no good, now and forever more.

When did you realize you were old?

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  1. I knew I was old when I started going to bed at 9PM on a Friday. I got home from work, I ate some "healthy shit" because I was watching my weight and shit. I turned on netflix, made sure I checked my emails for pertinent information, put my damn phone on "Do not disturb" and watched CNN shows on NETFLIX until I went to fucking sleep on a Friday!... dreamt about playing golf and raising kids. SMFH


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