Monday, January 26, 2015

Say Hello to Stormy McSexyPants

My collection is growing! This obsession really needs to get under control. Ok, Who are we kidding!? I am pleased to introduce my new boomama STORMY McSexyPants. Or just stormy for short.
 Isn't she beautiful!? I needed some simplicity in my life. I'd been carrying around the one Mac chewed up and I just wanted a dark leather cover without all the hullabaloo. The minimalist look is really working for me. As soon as I realized what I wanted, I got in touch with Yochanan Israel at ZenKraft Traveler's Notebook's and told him all the details. He is the same person that made Brownie, and I absolutely love the vintage deep chocolate look of all his notebooks.
 Let's be real. This shot is orgasmic for the journal lovers out there! Who needs Christain Grey when we have leather notebooks?
 And I can literally sniff it TheHubs was like "Are you ever going to put it down". The answer is no babe. Absolutely not. It smells like babies and feels like puppy kisses!
 Ummmm wait, Did I mention.... POCKETS!!!! I no longer need my clear folder to hold all my sticky goodies. I can stick the, right in the pockets. He even threw in an extra pocket in the back! AND A MOLESKINE CAHIER! You know those are my absolute favorite!
 Right now I have 4 notebooks inside. I am still waiting on A few goodies from China to complete my set up, and then I will do a video. Until then, 7 million pictures will have to suffice
 This is the cover of my daily (Chanel is ALWAYS in). Which I have now replaced with a cahier because my soft cover moleskine was too large for my slim simple baby. This is a great way to make sure that only super important items make their way in there. I loved Wanderlust, but she is too bulky for everyday carry. I just don't want to do it anymore. And I had so much stuff in there that I didn't really need.
 Here is the first page in my new daily. I dig it. Just some random stuff about what was going on.
 Here is another one of my inserts where I do all of my novel stuff. She has been dormant as of late. Better get back on that.
 Ohhhhhhh and this is my sticky note dashboard that I have in the back of my daily. They stick perfectly. May move stuff around when my other package arrives from China.
 This is the last notebook I have is a Piccadilly, which I may be getting rid of because its a little thick and it wont fit when my other stuff arrives. We shall see.
 And ---- MORE POCKETS!!!!!

I am very please with Stormy. I should have gotten her about 1 inch larger I think. Just a smidge. I think I underestimated how much I actually wanted to fit inside. But overall. I love her to bits and she had to leave my hands for quite some time today while I taught. Darn job getting in the way of my leather hahahaha!

So, what do you think when it comes to journals; Bigger is better or Thin is in?


  1. Where did you get the Paris themed sticky notes? They are so cute!!!

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