Saturday, February 7, 2015

ZenKraft, Art Journaling, and Happy Mail

First of all, when are they going to add Journaling to the dictionary as a verb? I am so tired of the red line telling me that I am incorrect! Hahaha! 

Anyway, Welcome to another fine edition of journaling with Shaina. I've spent the past week breaking in my new ZenKraft with pockets, Stormy, and she is just delicious. The leather feels so good in my hands, and I still have trouble putting it down!  I would definitely suggest looking through the blog and finding something you love. In fact, my friend Brianne has just found the magical world of midori and I sent her right over to ZenKraft for her first one. Boy she is already losing her mind!  And The owner of ZenKraft sent me a little gift as well!!! 

Do you see how adorable that field notes size is? I am going to do a video on Stormy soon, and until then, I am going to be getting little Hershey- that's the baby's name- together. I am so ready to decorate it, and I will have plenty of extra stuff to put in, now that I've purchased my happy mail. 

All of these goodies have just come in from Ebay. Since I do quite a bit of art journaling, The sticky notes add to the flavor of my pages. 

Can you believe all of this only cost me $10? With no shipping. It all arrived within 2 weeks. Now I know what you wanto to ask me and here it is:


That is the name of the seller I tend to use on ebay. All of this came from there. 

Those nautical sticky notes are my favorite. I love the blue, however, I may have to use a white gel pen to show up on it. Overall, I'm happy with the purchase and even happier with my leather love. I think my next post will highlight more of my journal techniques. 

As a side note, I am changing my entire blog. I have to be honest. At one point, lifestly blogging and fitness blogging was what I was most interested in talking about. But not so much anymore. I Will still throw in some of that, but mostly just reviews of paper love! Because that's what's near nad dear to my heart! 

What was your last Happy Mail Purchase?

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