Friday, January 31, 2014

I Don't Like It

Here is a photo diary of my first experience with coconut water a few months ago.

Yum, coconut water. This healthy shit everyone love. Must be amazing.

Let’s see what all the hype is about.

*takes big sip*


Ya’ll like this mess??

This shit sucks

But it IS healthy though, right?

I guess I’ll drink it. I like healthy crap. And I’m a bandwagon rider!

But I don’t have to like it!
Well there you have it. Shaina and Coconut water. After all this time, I still hate the way it tastes…big time. But I am loving the benefits. Here are just a few:
—— Boosts Energy
—— Super duper hydrating
—— Digestion (I can attest to this….homegirl is reg-u-lar)
—— Antioxidants
—— You can use it on your skin and hair as well
I like how it makes me feel, even though it doesn’t taste so great. Are you drinking Coconut water?

On a side not, I’m loving this new series “The originals”. Granted, I have an unhealthy obsession with “The Vampire Diaries” so that could be why. I’m also reading the “The Infernal Devices” series from Cassandra Clare. I’ve finished “The Mortal Instruments” and I like this new series in a different way. I was overcome with lusty delight while reading about Jace.
What are you reading right now?

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