Friday, January 31, 2014

20 minute Cross Fit Workout

Morning!  I just threw together this little cross fit workout and I thought I would make it all pretty and share it with you.  Because everyone like pretty things!  I'm about to get up on this as soon as I finish my coffee.  Wanna know something cool?  The killers name on this Cold Case episode is Shaina! WHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Wanna know something else cool that I only JUST realized??? That Commissioner Gordon from Batman is also SIRIUS BlACK! MIND BLOWN!!!!  How did I not know this.  I am SOOOO Lame.

Ok, I'm done with the crazy awesome facts.  Here's the workout.

Doing the 20 minute cross fit above, then some hardcore biking/walking on an incline at the gym when TheHubby comes home.  Dinner tonight is homemade beef and broccoli.  Plain for me, with brown rice for him.  This will happen!

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