Monday, September 14, 2015

New Goals

Watching Master Chef and Christina Ha is up there talking about winning the Helen Keller award for being the best chef ever...and being blind. Effing Blind Chef? And I'm just over here teaching scientific notation everyday. Really puts life into perspective!

Anyway. As I stated in my last post, I am currently reevaluating my entire life, including my fitness goals. I remember when I thought this was fat:

And this:

I was trying so hard to get to that next level. Not even taking the time to appreciate the level I was on. Which was the BOSS level in Super Mario brother. I was killing the game. If I do say so myself...and I do.

Ugh. Starting over is the worst thing in the world. I am truly not about that life. After being on that ridiculous prednisone and just ultimately being too depressed to really do anything, it seems like my health and fitness goals came crashing down around me in the most life shattering kind of way. And before you know it, you are in a rut, cycling bad habits back into your life because your goals are too far away to even matter anymore.

Then you're walking around looking like a sumo wrestler. Jaba the Hutt. Insert other fatties here. So it comes down to

How much do you want it?

I don't think people realize how debilitating this can be every single day. It can absolutely make you hate everything. Getting dressed used to give me such joy. Now...not so much. Everything feels too tight or too short. Clothes I used to love wearing are now just burdens in my closet. And I look at the pictures up top and I'm like "Damn, remember what it was like to just go in the closet and put clothes on with no concerns?" I want to get back to that life. Mediums and size 14 pants were everything to me. I was all about never seeing a size X- anything again.

However, life doesn't always go as planned.

Shit happens.

And sometimes you have to get back on that horse.

I haven't set real goals in such a long time so lets do it.

This weeks goals  
- workout 4 times
- 2 strength train  - heavy cardio (4+ miles this week logged) 
- 1 am workout on Thursday   

*plan meals the night before  
*log all activity and foods in fitness pal 
*log miles in daily mile  
*limit carb intake  
*Update blog with results next week
*up green tea intake  
*apple cider vinegar

BOOM!! There it is! Ok. That's it. Gotta go and watch Master Chef!!! LOL!

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