Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My New Toy

It is redundant to take a picture of my blog and post it on my blog? Hmmm.

I'm sure you have all seen a Macbook Air before so I wont bore you with the specs or details, but I am very excited about it. I've purchased quite a few computers over the past few years (maybe I'm hard on my electronics) but I have been coveting this one for some time. Once the BX did the "No interest unit 2017" special, I knew it was time. That's how I operate. I spend Umteen months/years wanting something until the perfect moment. Unless it's journalling supplies...those I get immediately because I have no restraint. But I am on a "No Dori Spending" restriction until my birthday in September.

Anywho, the thing that shocked me the most was how freaking light this thing is! I had no idea. Its amazingly light. I will have absolutely no problems carting this thing around when I go back to work.  None what so ever. I'm bringing it to a conference tomorrow. I would never do that with my old PC. The real reason I knew it was time to make the big purchase was because my little brother needs a computer for his senior year in high school.  All those AP classes are requiring some serious paper writing, and baby bro is tired of going to the library all the time. Baby sis is starting her first year of high school so she'll need it too. Seems like the stars aligned for everyone!

In other news, I've been getting it in pretty regularly in the gym lately.  I keep trying to maintain my eating but this 2 week conference makes it hard because we are not allowed to leave for lunch, and there are no microwaves. *Insert pissed face here*. So it's sandwiches and atkins bars. Such is life.

But I'm going to start working with the trainer soon. #Pumped about that. That weave is out now, by the way. Hubs had to come in and help me take the tracks out the back because I could NOT see the web of thread hanging out back there. It was a mess. I missed the curls, but I am already tired of them :).

Do you have a Mac? What are some Apps I should download?

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