Thursday, July 31, 2014

First Day of Work, Classroom stuff, and the End of My Sanity

Well its over.  My stint of life where I do odd jobs just to make a little cash has officially come to an end today.  Its a win and loss at the same time.  Bittersweet.  I got up super early and got dressed in some comfortable "work" clothes because this week is dedicated to meetings, classroom decoration, and lesson planning, and I did NOT want to be in business clothes for that.  Not one wants to stand on chairs to put up posters with slacks on.  So I wore Some blue shorty slacks (no idea what you call me them in real life lol), and grey shirt, and you can't go wrong with converses. My hair was cute before I walked outside and the humidity said "Girl Stop". 

To be honest, I could have just worn some yoga pants and a T-shirt.  No one was too pressed about what they were wearing.  I did get a chance to meet my team and some of the other teachers in the school and everyone was so welcoming.  Other than a few things about the schedule (like no bells, no break between classes for kids, and a 30 minute lunch- which all kind of stinks) I am really looking forward to the school year.  What was amazing was the fact that I didn't even touch the breakfast spread. Not even a lick of a cinnamon roll or a bite of the chicken biscuits from Chick-Fil-A.  Talk about dedication.

And this new (and very official- yes, yes, quite right, tally ho) T-shirt was waiting for me at the table.  We are supposed to wear them to the open house on Wednesday.  Which jeans should I wear? No idea.  

Final thoughts are that this school year is going to be interesting.  Getting back into the swing of things and finding myself, if you will, and my style in the classroom at this point in my life will be something I am looking forward to.  I am trying to overcome the feeling of "why on earth did I ever want to work", and its working, because I NEVER wanted to WORK, I wanted money.  Which I am now in a position to make. 

Now if only I could figure out how I'm going to potty with no time in between classes... you know how much water I drink!

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